Kickoff for Ride’s Reading Adventure

Join us for Ride’s Reading Adventure 2018!  This year, Ride Challengers are participating in a Fall Fundraiser which focuses on reading.  Ride’s Reading
Adventure will be on October 5, 2018, during the school day.  Starting on September 12, students will bring home an envelope and form to gather donations. Students can earn individual and class prizes based on donations collected.

During Ride’s Reading Adventure, students will adventure to multiple reading stations, in a style similar to Ride’s Field Day.  Students will be paired up and will be allowed to visit numerous reading stations throughout the school, and participate in a variety of reading/word based activities during the event.  REMEMBER, 100% of the money raised during Ride’s Reading Adventure benefits the students and the teachers!

Our goal is for each child to find 10 people who will donate $10 each.