Story Time with Santa is Coming!


Thursday, December 6, 2018

5:00 – 7:00 pm


Please join us for a fun-filled evening of at Sally K. Ride.  Wear your most festive attire or pajamas and join us for:

    • Cookies & Hot Chocolate
    • Holiday Music
    • Book Fair
    • Holiday Games
    • Crafts 
    • Holiday Stories read by teachers and staff
    • Ornament Painting
    • Photos with Santa
    • 4th Grade Choir Performance
    • Wear your most festive attire or pajamas to meet Santa! 


All pre-orders for activity/raffle tickets and photos with Santa are due by THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29th to your child’s teacher. The pre-order tickets will go home on Tuesday, December 4th. Please see the separate pre-order form from Paint & Bubbles for the wooden ornaments. These are due by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16th.

Raffle/activity tickets and Santa photos will be available for purchase at the event payable by cash/check.  There will be a LIMITED number of Paint & Bubbles wooden ornaments available for purchase the night of the event.

Don’t forget to sign up to donate one dozen store-bought cookies!  Cookies can be dropped off the morning of the event at the car line drop off.

Raffle tickets will be sold in the cafeteria during student lunches on December 4th, 5th, & 6th.  The students can buy raffle tickets ($0.50 each) during their lunch to place in the raffle drawing, or use their pre-ordered tickets or tickets bought at the event.  The raffle will continue until 6:45 p.m. at the event, when the winners will be announced.

PLEASE put student name, and teacher name on each ticket!!

Sign up to volunteer before and during Story Time with Santa!


Order Forms

Paint & Bubbles – Due Friday, November 16th


Raffle/Activity Tickets & Photos with Santa – Due, Friday, November 29th



2018-2019 Yearbooks for Sale

Yearbooks are on sale now through January.

Early Bird Price – $30

(Price will increase in 2019)

Click to Order Now!


Red Ribbon Week 2018

Ride Elementary Red Ribbon Week – Oct. 22-26, 2018


During this week students will be learning about making good choices, saying no to drugs and how to live a healthy life. We are encouraging all of our students to follow the theme days for the week, as we encourage them all to be healthy and happy throughout their lives!  Red Ribbons will be tied around the trees in the front of the school.

Mon. Oct. 22: “Wear Red Day

Staff & students are encouraged to wear red; each student will receive a Red Apple.

Tues. Oct. 23: “Friends Help Friends Make­ Good Choices

Staff & students may dress like “twins” showing they are united; each student will receive a Paper Bracelet.

Wed. Oct. 24: “Your Future is Bright/Don’t Get Tied Up With Drugs

Staff & students may wear sunglasses and bright colors/tie dye clothing; Sunglasses not be worn indoors; each student will receive a Smarties Candy.

Thurs. Oct. 25: “Team UP Against Drugs

Staff & students may wear a favorite team jersey or shirt; each student will receive a Pencil.

Fri. Oct. 26: “Dress Like a Tourist

Staff & students may dress like a tourist or wear a t-shirt from a vacation spot, to emphasize our weekly theme “Life Is Your Journey, Travel Drug Free.”

Please remind students they must still wear school appropriate shoes for PE/safety; each student will receive a Bookmark.

Parents, take the Red Ribbon Week Pledge:


Kickoff for Ride’s Reading Adventure

Join us for Ride’s Reading Adventure 2018!  This year, Ride Challengers are participating in a Fall Fundraiser which focuses on reading.  Ride’s Reading
Adventure will be on October 5, 2018, during the school day.  Starting on September 12, students will bring home an envelope and form to gather donations. Students can earn individual and class prizes based on donations collected.

During Ride’s Reading Adventure, students will adventure to multiple reading stations, in a style similar to Ride’s Field Day.  Students will be paired up and will be allowed to visit numerous reading stations throughout the school, and participate in a variety of reading/word based activities during the event.  REMEMBER, 100% of the money raised during Ride’s Reading Adventure benefits the students and the teachers!

Our goal is for each child to find 10 people who will donate $10 each.


Grandparent’s Day Lunch Coming Up

In honor of Grandparent’s Day, we invite your child’s grandparents to join them for lunch on their designated day. This is a very popular event.  Grade levels are split to celebrate on different days to ensure that everyone has a place to sit.  Exceptions can be made if you have multiple children in different grade levels or if grandparents absolutely cannot come on their designated day, but we ask that everyone else be courteous and respectful of the rules so that our grandparents feel welcomed and appreciated.

Grandparent’s Lunch Days

Thursday, September 6th Kn, 1st, and 3rd grade
Friday, September 7th 2nd and 4th grade

Lunch Schedule

Kindergarten 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
4th Grade 11:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.
1st Grade 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
2nd Grade 11:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
3rd Grade 12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.


We’ve Got Spirit! How ‘Bout You?

Show your Ride Pride with our 2018-2019 Spirit Wear Shirts!  Available for purchase now through August 30th.  This will be the last order placed for these awesome designs.  Ride PTO does not keep an inventory of shirts throughout the year.  If your child would like to participate in Spirit Wear Fridays, order now!  (older Ride shirts are perfectly acceptable for Spirit Wear Fridays too.)

We encourage our parents to wear Ride shirts too.  Our PTO t-shirt committee did a wonderful job creating designs and choosing materials that would be loved by all.  The cotton tri-blend shirts are really comfortable to wear and the dri-fit shirts are cool and moisture-wicking.

Available in sizes Youth XS – Adult 3XL.  Beware that the blue dri-fit shirt runs big.  You may want to order a size down unless you want some growing room.

Order online NOW, through our vendor, North Houston Athletics

Paper order forms have gone home with your student if you choose to pay by cash or check.  Please get those forms back to your teacher by August 30th.

*If you qualify for financial assistance and your child would like a Ride shirt, please contact our counselor to learn how Ride PTO can help.


Join us to Boo-Hoo or Woo-Hoo!


Still Need School Supplies?

If you missed the chance to order school supplies through EPI in the spring, the PTO has a few extra supply packs for purchase, but act fast!  Once those are gone we do not have the ability to order more.  The extra school supplies must be purchased through our secure MySchoolAnywhere store.  Follow the link below.  If you do not have an account with MySchoolAnywhere, simply sign up to purchase.  It will be beneficial throughout the school year.

Purchase School Supplies Here

School supplies that are purchased prior to the Teacher Meet & Greet will be delivered to your child’s classroom on August 13th.

If we run out or if you would rather purchase supplies on your own, the school supply list can be found below:

Ride Elementary School Supply List 2018


Back to School Planning

Summer is not over, but it’s time to start planning for those back to school events!

Popsicles in the Park

Popsicles in the Park is an informal meet and greet held at both Ridgewood Park and the Splashpad at Jacobs Reserve. This is a great opportunity for new parents to get answers to all their questions from experienced parents and an opportunity for students to reconnect after summer break.  It is also a great time to officially join the PTO.

Jacobs Reserve Splashpad

August 6, 2018

6:30 – 7:30 p.m.


Ridgewood Park

August 8, 2018

6:30 – 7:30 p.m.


Teacher Meet & Greet

August 13, 2018

4:00 – 6:00 p.m.


Login Overload?

We hear it all the time.  In an increasingly digital world, parents are now tasked with keeping track of their child’s education through multiple login sites.  It gets very confusing.  While we can’t eliminate all the different logins as they are necessary to protect the privacy of you and your child, let us try to explain the difference between these sites.

Parent Access Center (PAC)

  • It’s essential that you sign up for a Parent Access Center (PAC) account. Email is our primary communication tool for all school events and information. Once you register for a PAC account, you will receive important information regarding absence and tardy notifications, and other important updates. Throughout the year, you can log into PAC to view grades, report cards, attendance, discipline records, cafeteria accounts, and STAAR information.  Simply visit the CISD website ( ). Locate the “STUDENTS/PARENTS” tab and proceed to “PARENT ACCESS”. Click “REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT”. Follow the simple steps to complete your PAC registration. Don’t forget, you must re-register every year.


  • An online student data validation system for the upcoming school year.  The system is a secure and green process, which allows the district to verify all the student demographic, emergency and medical information for your child prior to the start of the new school year.  This first year, you will need to enter information that we do not currently have in digital form, such as your student’s Health Information Form.  This online process replaces all the hard copy student registration forms that your child brings home on the first day of school – no more hand cramps from all the paperwork!


  • It is recommended that you sign up for the PTO’s interactive website through MySchoolAnywhere (MSA).  MSA is a secure website that allows the PTO to communicate with parents and teachers about what’s happening throughout the year.  The school does not share contact information with the PTO.  We need you to provide your contact information so that you can stay in the loop.  Throughout the year, the PTO will email parents about special events, important deadlines,  and volunteer opportunities at the school.
  • In addition, if you choose to purchase a PTO membership for $20 you will have access to the online directory.  Signing up is easy.
  • You register and get login credentials the first year and then each subsequent year, you will need to confirm your information to regain access.  You can also download the MySchoolAnywhere app to easily access the directory.


  • Canvas is a district-wide online dashboard to keep track of your student’s coursework.  Canvas is fairly new to the district and while it is more regularly used in the upper levels, it is still being adopted by teachers in the lower levels.  All official teacher websites are now on Canvas, although some teachers prefer to communicate with parents using other tools.

Shutterfly Share Sites

  • Some teachers use Shutterfly share sites to communicate with their parents.  Shutterfly allows parents to send/receive email, communicate with other parents in the class, view photos from classroom activities on a secured login site, and view a classroom calendar.  It requires that that parent create a Shutterfly account.  Shutterfly sites are not controlled by the school or the PTO.

See Saw

  • See Saw is an application that allows students, teachers, and parents to share information on a secure account.  Parents must register to use.  Teachers using this app will provide information at the start of the school year.

Class Dojo

  • Class Dojo is a communication tool that connects teachers, parents and students with a secure account.  Parents must register to use.  Teachers using this app will provide information at the start of the school year.


You Spoke, We Listened!

After having many conversations with PTO members all year and analyzing the results of the end-of-year PTO Involvement Survey, a few things are clear:

  1. You want to access PTO items (calendar, sign-ups, store) and you want to get information without having to log into MySchoolAnywhere every time.
  2. You value PTO email communication and find our online directory to be a valuable resource.
  3. You want more information about what the PTO does, where the money we raise goes, and how you can get involved.

Therefore, we’ve made a few changes for the 2018-2019 year.  We will still use MySchoolAnywhere as our secure online directory and for communication and most sales transactions, however we have added a PTO website to provide more information and to make it more accessible to you. will serve as our public website and where you can find most information this year.  We encourage you to bookmark this page on your computer and phone browsers so that you can easily visit throughout the year.

We still need you to confirm and update your information on MySchoolAnywhere!  Why?

  • Ride PTO does not receive parent/family information from the school. We require you to provide that information to us for our directory and for email communication and quick and easy stores sales.  Whether you become a paid member of the PTO or not, we encourage all our parents to set up or update their MySchoolAnywhere (MSA) accounts.
  • Signing up or confirming your information on MSA is simple and fast. Just set a password that you can remember and be sure to confirm when the required confirmation emails go out prior to the start of school.  If you ever forget your password, just select “forgot password” and follow the simple steps to get back into your account.
  • While you will not have to log into MSA to make online purchases, you will be required to provide your email address (everyone can remember their email address), which will be linked to the information that you have already provided in MSA.